The Launch of Words with JAM

On Friday 27th November 2009, Quinn Publications hit the writing world with a new e-zine. Aimed at both writers and readers who like words with stick, Words with JAM put forth a combination of humorous, insightful, and truly enjoyable articles. You can subscribe by sticking your email address in the box to the right of this page, or you can visit the blog at

[from the editor's note]... The articles that follow are from some of the best writers I know. They all have something in common: they have a wealth of knowledge about the writing industry, tales they want to share, personal hang-ups we can all sympathise with, invaluable insights, and most importantly of all (I think, anyway) a sense of humour.

In these pages you will find hilarious articles on absolutely nothing but the shitty life of being an undiscovered writing genius that will make even the most uptight of you smile; bumbling reviews of books that we like or dislike purely on personal taste and irrational bias (yes, they always are, but no one ever admits it); and a competition winner whose publisher can’t manage to pay their prize money. BUT, you will also hopefully find some hidden gems, insights, tips and tales from successful novelists ...
JD Smith - Editor
The new e-magazine gives inspirational and entertaining stories as well as including lots of helpful hints and information for new writers. Writing is very solitary and this can only encourage and aid our novice writers to become the novelists of the future. It's also great for established authors, too.
Betty Schwartz - freelance agent for Christopher Little
Words with Jam' is an eclectic, intelligently written and accessible resource for those who want to read about books worth writing but above all those who want to write books worth reading. A cheerful companion on a very lonely journey.
Richard Jay Parker - author of Stop Me